Another Saucy Update


heinz_ketchup_2To be fair, the ad to the left isn't lying: no one grows ketchup like Heinz. It's largely due to the fact you can't grow ketchup, but technically they're not being dishonest. Perhaps they do grow ketchup? For all I know there could be fields of Heinz trees growing sauce bottles, sachets and tins of baked beans. There have been huge advancements in genetically modified crops and one day we'll possibly be able to grow mustard, mayonnaise or small bowls of olive oil with balsamic vinegar at the bottom. Since posting about my Melbourne International Comedy Festival show Sauce, many brave souls have come forward to declare they too don't like tomato sauce. The show is progressing well. Last week I performed a read-through for my director. I was encouraged because, unlike the first reading of last year's show The Earth is Flat, the show wasn't twelve hours long. You always want more material than you need so you can cut, but I found having so much last time was a hindrance. I was a bit too tangential and found myself having to ask absurd questions like, "Does the Old Prospector really need an offsider who is a disgruntled microwave?" Maybe they can have their own spin-off show? So, while Sauce has a few holes to fix, some impressions to work on and some jokes to improve, it's in good shape and there's more fun to be had. Reading out loud is immensely helpful. When you hear yourself, every line or plot development whose quality you'd questioned becomes clear and your reactions range from oo, I like that to what the hell was I thinking? That's the last time anyone hears that gag, if you could even call it that. Hmm, I'm liking the idea of a sitcom starring an old prospector and an angry microwave. I'm going to go launch a Pozible campaign... Sauce at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival is on sale! Gobble-up your tix here! 26th of March - 5th April