I've been eating less meat; far less. I wasn't eating more than most: medieval style banquets weren't the norm. But now I'm consuming much less than the average. It was a conscious decision. Don't worry, I didn't accidentally lock myself into a greenhouse, leaving me nothing to eat but azaleas and I haven't been blacklisted by my butcher. Though I always found it creepy that as a kid butchers would try and give me cold cuts when my mother brought me into the store. Giving slices of meat to children just seems way too weird for me.

"You don't have any lollies? No? Ok, a slice of chicken loaf is just as good."

But I've had a growing unease about factory farming and the impact of increased meat consumption. As it was bothering me, I chose to approach the decision not from the angle of why to stop, but why to continue. When I thought of it like that, I couldn't justify it. Morally, ethically and environmentally I just couldn't do it. I tried; I wracked my brain but there's not one argument as to why I shouldn't eat less meat.

And I mean there are no plausible arguments. For example, insisting everyone must eat as much meat as they can because industrial farming is the only thing stopping chickens, pigs and cows forming a coalition that will destroy humanity and blow-up the moon, is technically an argument, just not a very rational one. Although...

30% of the Earth's surface is dedicated to growing plant life that is fed to livestock, which we then eat. Call me crazy, but couldn't we cut out the middleman and eat the plants instead? Us humans are essentially locked in a greenhouse and livestock emit more greenhouse gasses than the oil and gas industry. Do we really want to go down as the species that was obliterated by burps? Hang on a second, the animals have formed a coalition to destroy us, but we were the ones who put it together. Watch the moon, people...