The Earth is Flat @ The Butterfly Club


CP DinoI'm readying the dinosaurs, giant drills and rudimentary Kerry O'Brien impressions for the final season in Melbourne of my one-man comedy spectacular The Earth is Flat. From the 4th-9th of November I'll be performing the show at The Butterfly Club. Yes, I'm opening Melbourne Cup Day, as I like to take-on all of Australia's major sporting events. Kerry

If you're in Melbourne, it'd be great to see you at The Butterfly Club as I talk to myself on stage as rogue cardinals, an old prospector, a mystery solving janitor, an over-polite highway robber, Clive Palmer and a flock of penguins.

(Tix and info about the show can be found by unraveling a series of riddles, or by visiting






An epic tale and a cast of thousands performed by one man! (OK, not thousands, but quite a few…)

A medieval cardinal hatches a dastardly plot to convince humanity the earth is flat. The key to his plan: Clive Palmer. Only a disgraced archaeologist, turned janitor and a genetically modified horse can save the world.

Simon Godfrey (writer for The Glass House, Good News Week, Elegant Gentleman’s Guide to Knife Fighting,) navigates through a host of characters on an hilarious, earth splitting journey.

'The amount of talent on stage will leave you gasping for breath' - ★★★★ The Herald Sun

'A tour de force of comedic writing' - ★★★★ Arts Hub

'5/5, Brilliant!' - RHUM

'Godfrey will have you uncontrollably cackling' - The Herald Sun

WINNER: Moosehead Award 2012, Adelaide Fringe Weekly Best Comedy Award 2013, Best Script Short+Sweet Sydney 2013