Saucy Update


Ok, that title is misleading. The update isn't saucy in an erotic sense, but not everything has to be about sex, you smutty bastards! Anyway, since confessing a dislike for tomato sauce, scores of people have come forward to share their stories and show support. Comments have ranged from "I thought I was the only one" to "I thought your post was going to be sexually suggestive. That was a deliberately misleading use of the word 'saucy'."

I even witnessed someone throwing out a sauce bottle in solidarity. Of course, the bottle could have been empty; I didn't bother to check as I was so moved by the gesture.

But what it proves is that sauce-nonlikers are out there. Keep your stories a-comin'.

Ps. Today's tomato sauce etiquette tip: If you work in the food service industry and you ask, "Would you like sauce?" and your patron declines, don't say "Are you sure?" That's just annoying.