Off to the Melbourne Fringe Festival

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It's Melbourne Fringe Festival time and I'll be performing the show I debuted at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, The Earth is Flat. Rehearsals, editing and rejigging elements of the show are long underway. One of the best parts about live performance is that the show evolves over time and when you've had a gap between festivals it gives you the distance required to look back over your work and exclaim, "What was I thinking? Of course I should cut that. Why didn't I think of this joke before?" etc. Editing The Earth is Flat before the Comedy Festival had been a challenging task. The first draft was enormous. It was seriously longer than The Lord of the Rings. This was partly due to the fact there were sections of the script where I read out chapters from The Lord of the Rings. I was worried the show wouldn't be long enough, but thankfully it was and I was able to cut out the plagiaristic filler. Though, test audiences did comment that it saved them from reading the bloody thing.

So, with my director Scott McAteer, we have been reworking scenes we felt didn't work as well as they could during the last run. We've spent time on the Clive Palmer character to update some of the political references, expanded the world, trimmed, tidied, fleshed out character motivations and, most importantly, included more dinosaurs. If you take one thing away from this, it should be: when in doubt, add dinosaurs.

There were already a lot of sound cues in the show and I've added a few more. I feel uneasy doing so, as one day a techie is going to murder me for having so many. "I've only got two hands!" will be the final words I hear as a sound desk crushes through my skull. I'm a Pink Floyd fan: it's only natural.

The show opens in just over a week; let the preparations and dinosaur additions continue...

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