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We are tradersHello there blogland. Today I launch my new ebook We Are Traders by making it free through Amazon Kindle. I developed the story by posting the first few chapters on this very blog under the title Principle Investment. I enjoyed writing the story and the character name Jenson "Dynamic Haircut" Jones so much, I finished the story and now it's ready to go. We Are Traders

Bold, daring, and... slightly criminal. The stock traders at Principle Investment are the best in the business. But a financial storm is a-brewin'. At risk are the country's pig farms... oh, and the world as we know it.

We Are Traders is the story of one bank bringing the financial system to its knees. Does junior trader Peter Holbrook have the moral conviction to wrestle Principle Investment back from the brink? Or will the invisible hand of the market slap them in the face?

A funny, timely and apple sauce laden critique of Wall Street, We Are Traders is a comedy for the 99%.

Today and tomorrow it's free for download on the Amazon Kindle store here

Reviews on the Amazon site are always appreciated. Thanks and hope you get a chuckle out of We Are Traders.