Brief Lapse


Well, a blog isn't a blog unless it lapses for a while and then returns. Believe me, I wanted to keep posting, but blog law prohibited it. The punishment for disobeying blog law is either death or someone posting a disparaging comment about you on twitter. I'm not sure which punishment is worse, but both weren't worth the risk. Post Melb Comedy Festival, I've been preparing for Melbourne Fringe and working on ebooks. For a time I was posting a serialised story about a corrupt bank on this very blog. The title of the tale was Principle Investment, named after the fictional bank the story centres on. The title was fairly dull, even for a working title. Truth be told it's taken me six months to come up with a better one and what I decided on isn't that spectacular either, but I just couldn't stare at it any longer.

What I'm trying to say is that I enjoyed writing the story and the characters, so I finished the book and published it in the Amazon Kindle store under the sexy new title of We Are Traders. Next Wednesday 6th Aug and Thurs 7th of Aug, it'll be free! So, if you liked or remember the initial few chapters and want to see how it ends, download We Are Traders next week for nothing.

We are traders

Yes, I know we've all wanted to see 'arse' on a book cover before. Very happy to finally accomplish this feat.

You may have noticed that the feature image for this post is a laser and has nothing to do with the content. This is correct.