Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2014


The Melbourne Comedy Festival is almost upon us once again. It's the time of year where myself and other comics from across the country, desperately work on our shows and sell our organs to pay for poster printing.

The festival begins March 26... oh God, that's not far away at all. Ah! Ah! *Jumps out a window.

Ahrem. Sorry. I find the act of jumping out a window a de-stresser.

Anyway, my show this year is called The Earth is Flat. It's a one man narrative show, so I essentially talk to myself in silly voices for 50 minutes. But what's it about? Good question. You should become a journalist with that kind of interrogative nouse... Here's the answer:

One man. Many characters. One epic tale...A medieval cardinal hatches a dastardly plot to convince humanity the Earth is flat. The key to his plan: Clive Palmer. Only the janitor at the Melbourne Museum stands in their way. A story of power, redemption and a big drill. This is Siberian Husky’s Simon Godfrey weaves together a host of characters into a tapestry of absurdity.

Hmm, intriguing! Anyway, hope to see y'all there.

The festival website is live, have a look here

Tickets on sale here

And follow the show on facebook here

TheEarthIsFlat JPEGDates - Col