Serving Suggestion


I usually don't like to whine about cafes or restaurants. Those in hospitality are hard working and are in the unenviable position of having to deal with people like me on a daily basis. But I must complain about cafes who place a serviette or napkin on the plate under focaccias, paninis and sandwiches. What function is the napkin serving? Is it for the focaccia's benefit? Is it a tiny security blanket for your lunch?

By placing a serviette under the bread, you are rendering it completely useless. It'd be like wearing a towel in the shower.

Is it a presentation thing? Are chefs trying to jazz up toasties by throwing a manky bit of paper underneath? Try a sprig of parsley. Things used to mop-up rarely create a pleasing aesthetic. "You know what would really bring this kitchen to life? A vacuum thrown haphazardly across the floor."

I could be wrong for judging. For all I know, the napkins might be very functional. They usually have a course texture and could be an anti-slip mat for the meal. We've all been struck in the face by a rogue focaccia flying off the plate. It's most likely an Australian OH&S thing.

All I'm saying is that bringing a napkin out with the meal is a good thing. By the end, it should be covered in crumbs, just not before you've eaten.