The New Xmas Special


Greetings! One of my favourite things to do during the week is drink wine and talk nonsense with Lach Ryan. One day we thought, "Why don't we record our mindless banter?" And that's the fictional tale of how The New podcast was born. In reality, the show was created after extensive focus group polling. But you've got to spin a printable origin story for the media.

But forget the show's genesis for a moment; The New is one of my favourite projects and below is our final show for the year.  And what a 12 months it has been. In 2013 we topped 50 trillion listeners and won a Golden Globe. What does 2014 hold? Much the same, I should think. Please enjoy The New's Xmas episode with Nigella Lawson's Chrissy recipes and Tony Abbott's parenting advice. Happy holidays and we shall clink glasses together again in the new year.


The New


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