The Fishmen on Kindle

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The Legend of The Fishmen CoverHello all out there in blogland. Firstly, congratulations on getting Blogland internationally recognised as a country. I look forward to Blogland vying for a seat on the Security Council. Secondly, I've ventured into the world of self publishing and I have a short story available to download from the Kindle store. It's called The Legend of The Fishmen.

It's a very absurd tale and I'm making it free for download for the next couple of days (Wednesday & Thursday), starting today.

Here's a little description of the story:

An absurd comedy about ghosts, soup tins and naked farmers...

Who are the Fishmen and why has their legend fueled Gerald’s fear of water? Aided only by his wits, a mad cattleman and a maid who can disappear into flora when threatened, Gerald must journey to the Lonely Pier to confront the ghostly Fishmen.

An impossible quest, a reluctant hero and a whole lot of fish.

If you're in the mood for some comedy and decide to download the book, it'd be super-dooper wonderful if you could write a little review. I will send you fish in gratitude.

Anyhoo, here's the link to download The Legend of The Fishmen: A Short Story