Sky Robots? Yes Please


I love that Amazon will be delivering packages by drone. I like it for a few reasons. The first is that it makes me feel as though we are living in the future. It's great that yesterday I was just going about my business and now sky robots deliver parcels. My pet peeve in this world is people who are skeptical and fearful of change, so it pleases me when the march of change is rapid. My theory is if new things are happening all the time, it makes it harder to cling to the old ways. Hopefully, it's then less likely people to say things such as, "Now, I'm all for thingies-in my day I had a thingy-but the thingies they have these days... it's gone too far. Soon we'll have thingies doing all sorts of things and then what? What we need is a gradual wade into thingies. Thingies are a great idea, don't get me wrong. But we're moving too fast, so lets just calm down and get the thingies right."

Obviously I've traded in "thingies" for every social, technological and scientific advancement to date.

Drones that deliver something other than explosives on unsuspecting Pakistanis is a great thingy. Don't be a naysayer. Don't be asking what stops someone from shooting the delivery drones with a BB gun, or stealing them when they land? The answer is human decency and reverence for the skybots. What stops me from stealing delivery trucks and slashing the tyres of FedEx vans? Hang on... that's right. There's nothing stopping me. Excuse me...

Right, I just went out and knifed some tyres. It was incredibly cathartic. I also stole a Pepsi delivery truck and put it in my backyard. I realised it was taking up space, so I just gave it back.

Admittedly, the drones are a few years away and robot delivery is an Amazon aspiration. The publicity also wouldn't be hurting Amazon, but let's not be so cynical. Hovering robots! Let the wonderment wash over you. Also, seriously, slash some tyres. Aus Post will never see it coming...