Roger Moore and Sean Connery Sit Down to Review Live and Let Die


I invited Sirs Roger Moore and Sean Connery to watch and review the eighth 007 film Live and Let Die

Live and Let Die

ROGER - Sean, I'll let you do the honours.

SEAN - No problem. Live and Let Die: a story of voodoo, gangsters, drugs and racial stereotyping.

ROGER - That might be a little unfair, Sean.

SEAN - How so?

ROGER - You have to understand, it was a different time.

SEAN - What time? 1860?

ROGER - Well, I didn't write the picture.

SEAN - How pissweak. I wrote all the movies I starred in.

ROGER - You did not.

SEAN - Every one. I bought a typewriter and everything.

ROGER - I've seen them, Sean. You are never credited as the screenwriter.

SEAN - I used aliases.

ROGER - Roald Dahl, Richard Maibaum, Tom Mankiewicz?

SEAN - They were my pen names.

ROGER - Roald Dahl was your pen name?

SEAN - Yes.

ROGER - Tom Mankiewicz?

SEAN - One of my favourites.

ROGER - You're not Tom Mankiewicz; he wrote Superman.

SEAN - I wrote Superman!

ROGER - He also wrote Live and Let Die.

SEAN - I...

ROGER - Racist.

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