Top 10 Numbers Under Ten

Colourful array of numbers


Number Six

Notable in triplicate to Satanists and in duplicate to highway fans, the number six doesn't offer much as a solo artist.

The problem with six is on the road to ten, it's just over the halfway mark. When travelling, reaching halfway to your destination is an exciting milestone. But if you ask how far to go and the driver answers, "Um, we're a bit over halfway there," it's disappointing. Halfway has passed and you've just got an annoying amount of distance to go.



Number Eight

Eight has a lovely flowing shape. It's like infinity standing upright. Except it's not infinite; it's eight.

I'm also a mask for cartoon bank robbers


Number Four

It's fun to say quadruple, it's healthy to work your quadriceps and it's stupid to ride a quad bike. Four is a multi-functional number and famous for featuring in the Gettysburg Address.


"Four score and seven years ago, no one used "eighty" to describe eighty. Why? I don't know. It was all the rage four score years ago." - Abraham Lincoln


Number Nine

A six to Mr. Squiggle, number nine is everyone's least favourite track on the White Album.


Number Three

Achievements in threes are highly sort after. A hat trick in cricket or soccer are hard to come by and everyone remembers the best/worst sports wordplay of the nineties; Three-peat.



Number Seven

Seven is great because if you're in the mood to mix it up, you can throw a little line across its middle. Yes, seven can be accessorised by adding a belt.

It would have scored a higher place on the list were it not for the seven deadly sins. At least three of them are not that deadly. Who is dying of envy? Seriously, it was a stretch in the final scene of David Fincher's Se7en and it's because the source material is flimsy.

No one keels over after muttering jealously about their neighbour's new flatscreen.



Number One

We're just over half way through the list. Hmm, I feel strangely disappointed.

As John Farnham once sang, one is the loneliest number. There's no real point counting something if you've only got one of it, as this educational clip demonstrates.


Number Five

High five, Number Five is alive, Maroon 5, Ian Healy's One Day International number and a British boy band. Need I say more?

Invincible? I wish someone had tested that.


Number Two

Two is often used to describe faeces and is a common misspelling of "tow". The number two's inexplicable "w" is perplexing for many, but we shouldn't judge it too harshly. Once upon a time, all numbers had random "w"s, like ninwe and fworty. This practice was slowly phased out in 195w2.


Number Ten

Whether it's Nadia Comaneci or the Mitre 10 Out of 10 jingle, ten is the perfect score. Unless you are being judged out of one hundred. Then it's fairly ordinary.