Yes, Prime Minister-Elect

yes pm

This just in... Anthony Jay and Jonathan Lynn, writers of the successful 80s television series Yes, Prime Minister and the unsuccessful 2013 television series Yes, Prime Minister are set to sue PM elect Tony Abbott.

The action comes amid reports a climate science sceptic, Dennis Jensen could be appointed Science Minister.

Jay and Lynn are claiming the appointment has been plagiarised from their 1986 Yes, Prime Minister episode "The Smoke Screen", where an MP who denies the link between smoking and lung cancer is promoted to Health Minister.

"He thought because it aired 27 years ago, he'd get away with it," believes Jay. "At least rip-off our contemporary work like the new series, or the Yes, Prime Minister stage show... eh, who am I kidding? Everyone loves the old stuff. I feel like the fucking Rolling Stones having to wheel out the classics for a nostalgia obsessed audience who wants to hear Jumping Jack Flash so they can feel 20 again. Your youth is over! Move on!"

Jay's comments have lead to the lawyers of Mick Jagger filing a suit against the pair.

"You can't just use my clients work in an analogy without permission and paying royalties," argues attorney Michael Springer. "We are hoping this matter can be settled out of court - Mick is a big fan of Yes, Prime Minister, especially the old ones; not so much the new series or that stage show."

When questioned about the similarities between the possible appointment and the Yes, Prime Minister episode, Mr. Abbott was combative.

"Look, I'll steal from whatever British sitcoms I please. If I want to base foreign policy on 'Ello 'Ello, or fiscal policy on Are You Being Served I shall. Hell, I already base my attitude to women on the Carry On films. What's the difference?"